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the story behind the barre n9ne® 60 day challenge


Before delving into how the 60 day challenge began and why as well as the evolution of it I first need to start by saying that this program would not be what it was if it weren’t for Jessica and Jolene, two of our amazing instructors. From Day 1, these girls have put their heart and soul not only into barre n9ne® studio but into our 60 day challenge program. They have far exceeded my expectations and I am so very thankful to have them on our team.

In April 2011 I launched a studio wide contest to win a free 60 day challenge. Many clients submitted a paragraph explaining why we should choose them. Jolene submitted a write up for herself and Jessica. I hadn’t even thought about selecting two ladies but their story just spoke to me and I thought, “why not have two?”

By winning, the girls had to take 4 classes per week (were allowed to take more if they wanted), drink the recommended amount of water, follow our nutritional advice and complete 10,000 or more steps per day. Also there were a few other rules associated – no squats, lunges, spinning, or artificial sweeteners. {If you want to know why come to one of our nutrition seminars 🙂 }

Jess and Jolene’s free 60 day challenge kicked off May 12, 2011. I highly recommend reading Jessica’s blog post after they had their first meeting with me. We actually did not weigh them. We only focused on inches lost because honestly in my opinion the number on the scale does not matter even close to as much as how you feel, how your clothes fit, and most importantly if you are happy with what is staring back at you when you look in the mirror- because lets be real, the actual goal is for you to be HAPPY with your body.  {Jess recaps how she felt at the 30 day mark here}

{If you are interested in reading how many inches the girls lost at the 30 day mark here are their posts: Jessica’s and Jolene’s}

I think what makes me the most happy when I re-read these blog posts from Jessica and Jolene is not just the results it’s the feeling behind all of it. These girls were not the same girls I met in May. Not even close, and they sure as heck did not look the same. They stood taller, prouder, were more confident and had a sparkle in their eyes that no one could take away. They truly were transformed, in more ways than one, forever.

{If you are interested in reading how many inches the girls lost at the 60 day mark here are the posts: Jessica’s and Jolene’s

After posting their results in emails and blog posts and getting the word out to all the barre n9ne® clients, we officially launched the barre n9ne® 60 day challenge studio wide in August 2011.

For Jessica and Jolene, after their “60 day challenge” officially ended they continued to purchase unlimited months and would come to class as many times as they had been. Since they were my original challenge girls, I continued to measure them every 30 days until they hit the 6 month mark-  really just for business purposes for barre n9ne®. I wanted to ensure my program was still working and was actually a lifestyle- and it was.

Almost two years later Jessica and Jolene still to this day just LIVE. They take class (and of course teach!) They follow the same nutritional advice they were given on May 12, 2011. They get their steps in from running or walking. They drink the recommended amount of water. They enjoy the foods they want when they want to and that is that. There is no dieting, or weight fluctuations of 10lbs in one direction or the other. There are no good days and bad days. They learned the tools to succeed and they carry those with them each and every day.

Since August 2011 we have helped hundreds of women change their mindset about food and dieting, transform their bodies into one that they are comfortable in and proud of, and most importantly they have learned how to live a happy and fulfilling lifestyle, for the rest of their life.

As we approach the kick off of the April 1st challenges that you all have been inquiring about, I felt that it was important to reach out to those ladies who are contemplating doing a challenge, those who have done a challenge in the past, and those who are completing the current challenge and are not sure what exactly to do next.

As you know I do not promote dieting, in any way, shape or form. I am completely and totally against it. I don’t believe it works for the long term and I don’t feel that you are actually livingbecause you are not -you are dieting– two different things.  {Take a moment to read a post drafted by Jolene at the one year post challenge mark.}

In my opinion once you participate in a challenge you should be good to go. You should not necessarily need to do challenge after challenge after challenge. This program was truly designed to get you started. To learn the tools you need to live a healthy, fun, happy lifestyle. I know it is scary. I know that me measuring you helps keep you accountable. I know that you are scared you will gain back the weight and inches. YOU WON’T IF you truly accept this for what it is supposed to be- a lifestyle, not a diet. Doing challenge after challenge after challenge tells me you are scared to do this on your own. I am here to tell you, YOU CAN DO IT! I have faith in you. Jess and Jolene have faith in you. We KNOW you can do this. You just have to believe in yourself 🙂

In a few days I will be launching the sign ups for the April 1st challenge. Those of you who have inquired about it already and haven’t done a challenge before I am so excited to work with you! Those of you who have been doing challenges back to back, I think it is time to let some new girls participate. {again YOU CAN DO THIS!}

It brings me happy tears and I am so beyond flattered and grateful for the outpouring response to our program. I seriously wish I was superwoman so I could measure every single person that has ever done a challenge each month so you could see your ongoing results- and so that I could see the smile and excitement on your face when you have reached your goal or surpassed it!

The reality is I am not superwoman {shockingly enough ;)} I am only one person. I can only measure so many people in a day and I want to help as many women as humanly possible reach their fitness goals and to come to peace with food.

What I haven’t mentioned yet is that because of all of you who have been doing challenges back to back you have made a lightbulb go off in my head- and without you what I am about to say wouldn’t have happened.

I am in the midst of creating a bunch of new packages-2x per week packages, 3x per week packages, 4x per week packages and more fun things! This is to alleviate the fear inside of you that without a ‘challenge’ you won’t be successful! These will be non-measuring packages so that you can continue to follow the same program as the challenge and you will still be held accountable in the sense that if you don’t use up those classes in a set time you will lose them- same as a challenge 🙂

Also the MOST exciting news is that in honor of the 2 year anniversary of Jess and Jolene’s challenge we will be giving a FREE 60 Day Challenge to one lucky lady! Details soon on how to be considered!

I hope you are as excited about this as we are!

I seriously cannot thank the barre n9ne® community enough for your support and love for us. We love you back just as much and as so excited to be on this journey together.

See you at the barre,


6 thoughts on “the story behind the barre n9ne® 60 day challenge

  1. Love, love, love this post. Jolene and Jess are such incredible inspirations. Their posts (which I found via this blog) are what convinced me to do my first challenge. And you Tanya- you are such a phenomenal leader. I am so excited to check out the new packages! Thank you all for what you do for us!!

  2. I am so glad Barre N9ne is such a success!!!!! It has been truly awe inspiring to read about and see Jess and Jolene’s transformation as they progressed through the 60 day challenge. It has been even more fantastic to see how after 2 years, they are as invested as they were back when they started.

    I am so thankful for women such as yourself, Jess and Jolene, and the others, who are helping women learn to care for themselves through diet and exercise while also helping them to improve self esteem and confidence!

    I loved the 1st class I took and can’t wait for the upcoming ones!!!

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