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I wrote this post a few weeks ago and sent it out in my monthly newsletter for barre n9ne™. I thought it would be a great second entry for this blog 🙂 Enjoy!

This post is inspired by both of my 60 day challenge ladies (Jessica and Jolene), in different ways.

Without getting too personal or explaining how it relates to them or what they said or did that prompted this “blog post” I will just focus on a revelation I had most recently.

Also please excuse my HONESTY it is not meant to sound conceited at all.

Now with the disclaimers out of the way here goes.

If you know me you know that genetically I have been “lucky”. I was never “fat”, however there have been times when I was more “fit” than others.  I have always worked out but never really had to go “crazy at the gym”. I worked out because I enjoyed it, it made me feel good, and because I liked how I looked as a result. Being HONEST here, I was never really “worried” that if I didn’t go to the gym I would get “fat”. I knew that I could always look better but that if I didn’t work out I would still be in pretty good shape due to my genetics and healthy eating habits.

Most of you know that I have danced my whole life, taught fitness classes all over, cheered for one of the best NFL teams  (or at least I think so!), traveled to parts of the world I never imagined traveling to and so on and so forth. My love for fitness and dance and the combination of the two lead to the opening of barre n9ne™ studio.

I opened my doors in March of 2010 looking the best I had looked in my entire life and being SO excited to share my method with everyone I came in contact with! All the time I spent eating so healthy, toning all the areas I have always had “trouble” toning i.e inner thighs, slimming my quads, and defining my triceps, had finally paid off.  I LOVED what I saw when I looked in the mirror, so much that I had purchased my first pair of skinny jeans since my thighs FINALLY fit into them! (I always had a super small waist and thick muscular legs.)

Fast forward 2 months (yes two MONTHS!) to May when I learned I would be having my first child!

What crazy timing 😉

Again fast forward to literally last week….

· Have I lost all the baby weight? NOPE!

· Can I fit into my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans? NOPE!

· Do I LOVE what I see when I look in the mirror? NOPE!

· Have I had meltdowns about all these things? YOU BET!

Did I think that I would just “magically” go back down to weighing less than 100lbs without reallllly having to work at it? YES…I actually thought this, knowing EVERYTHING I know about fitness, nutrition, dedication, motivation, hard work, and determination. YES I actually thought I WAS DIFFERENT.

Well guess what!? I am NO different than anyone else struggling with body image issues, weight loss issues, managing eating habits, finding time to work out, the list goes ON.

I am here to tell you that I CAN relate to how you are feeling. HONESTLY, before my pregnancy and weight gain I didn’t fully understand how hard some people HAVE to work at looking a certain way. I felt that if you worked out and ate healthy the weight would just come off. I did not realize that some women are literally killing themselves in the gym taking kickboxing, spinning, and weight training combined with running at 6am before work and taking classes at night AND doing fitness dvd’s at home.

I commend you if you are one of these women….but I also feel terrible for you if you ARE doing all of these things and you STILL do not look the way you want. I also feel terrible for you because it really is not necessary to kill yourself like this.

I want to help you take control of your life and exercise habits. Please reach out to me if you are unhappy with your body and you are working out SO hard and not seeing results. HONESTLY, anything you do not like about your body is truly an engineering issue and I really can help you. This is one of the many things I teach in my seminars and personal training sessions.

AND no I am not trying to make it sound easy….hell if it was that easy I would already fit into my pre-preggers jeans RIGHT?
Here’s to working hard and SEEING RESULTS!