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60 days, experienced. By Jessica Sutera


60 days…all done?

…not so fast. Sure, the official barre n9ne 60 day challenge is over in terms of how the challenge was defined at the outset.

But for me? The past 60 days has been nothing short of an experience. One that I’m actually having a hard time putting into words because I feel both utterly blessed to have experienced the challenge but also because it’s turned into more than “just* a 60-day challenge with a definitive start and end date – it’s become a journey. Not a destination.

So that’s how I’d sum up the challenge, for me, in a nutshell – a journey versus a destination. The hardest part for me is truly showcasing here just how profound an impact this challenge has had both on my life but also on my sister’s life (who I’m so lucky to have experienced this challenge with). I’ll try to do it justice here but just know this: It has been life-changing.

What I’ve learned:
Finding a style of fitness that you love and that works for your body? It’s like hitting the lottery. Barre n9ne – with it’s focus on small but effective moves, light weights with a boatload of repetitions, and lengthening with strengthening techniques works for me. It is the only style of exercise (when balanced with cardio) that has truly transformed my body. As I said in my own blog post last week, it’s as if someone took a paintbrush and gently brushed my body into a leaner, more refined me.

Discovering a healthy relationship with food has changed me. I’m not going to lie, I love food. I love the textures, the flavors, the variety, the experience. Going into this challenge, I knew that I probably loved food just a wee bit too much but it wasn’t until I started jotting it all down in a food log did I realize something: I know how to eat healthfully, but it was this challenge that taught me how to eat for fuel. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love to eat. I still love a good glass of wine (and trust me, plenty of wine was consumed during this challenge) but I appreciate it all much, much more. There is no more mindless eating. And these tweaks to my approach to food, coupled with barre n9ne classes and I have been more than ready to say goodbye to all ELEVEN inches I lost during this challenge.

Uncovering a newfound appreciation for my body is something I can never, ever repay barre n9ne (and Tanya!) for. This is the first time in my 31 years on this planet that I feel entirely comfortable in my own skin. I appreciate the strength in my legs (that can carry me through endless plies at that barre); the curve of my waist, the lean and mean arms that I can proudly say make it through the entire upper body work in barre n9ne method! I am stunned by the changes in my body I’ve seen, the refined “me” that has emerged through this challenge. And I am grateful.

The past 60 days has been nothing short of an experience, and one that is not ending just because we made it out on the other side of this challenge as “transformed” women. This challenge truly has no beginning or end – it is a journey. One that I’m so, so excited to see continue, not just for me, but for the next round of women who are ready to take the barre n9ne challenge on in August. I cannot wait to cheer them on, motivate them throughout, and see them each emerge. As refined, redefined, renewed. All thanks to the amazing group of women that make up the barre n9ne studio team. They are inspired, beautiful, strong, and kind. A group of women I feel blessed to call friends. So thank you Tanya. Thank you, Julianna. Thank you, Stefanie. You are fabulous.


Author: Jess Sutera

Hi and welcome to my little corner of the Internet. I'm a major fitgeek and wear that label proudly. My fit-passions are fairly evenly split between running (just ran my first marathon this past October 2012!) and for barre-style workouts. Ever since embarking on a 60-day challenge at barre n9ne, a local barre studio in my area last May, I've become a new woman. Stronger. Confident. Happy in my own skin. I'm now happily paying that experience forward by teaching at the same studio, a job I absolutely adore. In addition to my 'day job' which involves corporate communications (social media and PR mainly), I spend as much time with my husband of 8+ years doing the things that we love - which yes, includes working out, but also involves travel, wine, good food, and great friends. Hence the name of my blog - EatDrinkBreatheSweat - which stands for eating well, drinking even better, breathing in every single moment in each day we're on this earth, and getting a good sweat on as often as possible. So, if you're looking for motivation, a few laughs, and insight into how an "everyday" chick gets her sweat on, then this is the blog for you. Welcome!

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