All about barre-style workouts, what inspires me and tips on healthy eating for life


the first of many…

I must admit this is long, long overdue! I have been meaning to start a blog for barre n9ne™ (and me!) since March 2010. It is more than a year later and I am just getting around to it. With a little (a lot of) help from my 60 day challenge ladies it is finally getting done (Thank you J&J)!

Some days I may post interesting fit tips. Others a healthy recipe may debut. In between you may see a new hair product I love. There are no limits here.

Outside of barre n9ne™ I am a 9 to5-er by day, a proud new mom,  & girlfriend/almost fiance  to an amazing guy. I love what I do even though sometimes there feels as though there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything.

I welcome you to my life, my thoughts, my ideas, my soapbox rants (possibly) & most of all my love for fitness and helping others meet their personal goals. I can’t tell you in words how much I enjoy seeing someone look in the mirror and FINALLY loving how they look. It is an amazing feeling-for both of us!

And now I am officially a “blogger”. Yayy!

Enjoy this beautiful Friday. Embrace change. Hug the people you love….and smile.

Until tomorrow…