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5 Questions with…Jaimie Tartis!

Jaimie Tartis is our latest barre n9ne® 60 day challenge success story! After two challenges, Jaimie is down an amazing 22 pounds and 11 inches lost! She shares her story here, about how she went beyond her own expectations and feels like the best version of herself! Congratulations Jaimie for your hard work and dedication, it has definitely paid off!!

Why did you decide to do the barre n9ne challenge (and when did you start)?

I was inspired to join barre n9ne after seeing results a former co-worker posted on Facebook. I had difficulty getting my pregnancy weight off after my second child in 2010. I had changed to a sedentary job and we ordered a LOT of take out! I gained a lot of weight and was at my heaviest I have ever been, 138. I took my first barre n9ne class 2/27/2013 to make sure I liked it before signing up for a challenge. It was such a warm, welcoming environment, nothing I have ever experienced before. I became addicted from the first class! I signed up for the April/May challenge. Between barre classes and following a clean eating diet before starting the challenge, I surprised myself by weighing 135 at the kick off meeting for the April/May challenge.

What were you doing previously (if anything) for fitness?

I was inconsistently going to the gym and using the elliptical.

Did you have any reservations going into the challenge? Or any skepticism?Summer2013

This was my first time doing anything like this, so I was unsure about my goals going into the challenge. I actually set what I thought would be a “realistic” weight and also my “long-term” goal weight. I was worried that I would not be able to follow all the aspects of the challenge, mostly the steps and calories, and that I am only able to take 2 classes a week due to my busy schedule. It was reassuring hearing at the meeting that Tanya and the instructors follow this lifestyle and seeing how amazing they look (and feel!)

What have your results been – both physical and mental?

Since walking into the barre n9ne studio doors 2/27, I am happy to say I have lost 22 lbs in total. I have barre n9ne to thank for everything I have lost. I lost 19lbs and 11 inches total between the April/May and June/July challenges, more than I could have ever hoped for! I am officially at what I thought my “long term” weight was, never thought I would be here this quickly! I feel AMAZING! This has been an incredible journey for myself. For the first time in my life, I am at peace with food and my body. I feel comfortable in my own skin. For years, I have battled with my weight and feeling guilty for eating certain foods. I am amazed at how strong I have become and I have so much more energy!

What was your biggest a-ha moment during the challenge?

My biggest a-ha moment during the challenge was when I had my first weigh in with Tanya. I successfully followed every aspect of the challenge, including not weighing myself in between. I was surprised and motivated by my results; I said to myself that I can do this!

How have your eating habits changed or evolved since embarking on the challenge?

I love food and I LOVE to eat! I notice that my body has grown used to my calorie “number”. I found that I enjoy cooking clean eating recipes and proud to share them. It was very helpful to attend Tanya’s Nutrition Seminar. I faithfully log my calories and plan ahead, especially for a treat or if I know I am going to go out to eat. I love ice cream and now I measure out the portion to the gram on a scale. Most importantly I never feel guilty about it!


What motivates you to continue the challenge and what advice do you have for anyone embarking on the 60 day challenge?

I am motivated to continue the challenge knowing that I now have the tools to maintain this weight. I truly feel that this is my lifestyle. Going to Barre N9ne is a great way to relieve stress for me. I love that every class is challenging and I can feel myself growing stronger. For anyone embarking on the 60 day challenge, I strongly recommend following all aspects and believing in yourself! I take it one day at a time and break down the aspects like a check list to make sure I meet them daily. I found ways to get my steps in despite my sedentary job. I take the long way to the bathroom or to refill my water. I eat lunch at my desk and go for a walk on my lunch break. I put laundry or dishes away one at a time; you will find ways! I was surprised how successful I was with taking 2 classes a week. I find the 60 day challenge page on Facebook a very useful tool. It’s not always important about what you have lost, but about how you feel!

Bonus question! What is your favorite and least favorite barre n9ne® signature ‘move’ and why?

I would have to say my favorite and least favorite “move” is chair! I would groan inside when the instructor announced it as the next pose. After a few months, I felt incredibly accomplished the first time I was able to fully complete a series (shaking away)!




That is how many inches Jessica and Jolene (the winners of barre n9ne’s™ 60 day total body transformation challenge…AND spokesmodels) have LOST in 30 days….and the best part is they still have another 30 to go!!!!!

Oh and yes that’s right let’s not forget the spokesmodel part.

When I launched this challenge I was looking for a barre n9ne™ spokesmodel; someone who would go through a 60 day challenge with my staff and I and as a result see significant changes in their body and lifestyle. In turn they would share their story with other clients which would motivate individuals to commit to barre n9ne™ and my method for 60 days to totally transform their body.

AND how lucky am I to have gained not one but TWO AMAZING spokesmodels/role models for my new and existing clients??? I am grateful!

Grateful and PROUD…but surprised…NOPE. Ok well a little. You see I have first hand experience with this method transforming my own body. I didn’t just read about it in a magazine and think “Ok I’ll teach that” or hear stories from friends who loved it and think “If it worked for them it must work for others”.

In October of 2008 I made a lifestyle change…and haven’t looked back. I canceled my gym membership = No more squats and lunges, no more dreadmill, and no more elliptical or stairmaster.

Also no more good days/bad days (re: food).  I focused on sticking to my ‘number’.

I began taking barre and pilates classes and focused on resistance training, light weights, and isometric movements.

For cardio, since I am a dancer, I took dance classes. I did what I enjoyed doing instead of what people told me I should do.

My body began quickly changing. My thighs got leaner, my arms got more toned, my seat lifted, my inner thighs stopped jiggling and my calves were finally defined. I was in awe of how I weighed relatively the same(about 3lbs less) but looked COMPLETELY different!

As I said in a previous post, I have always been lucky genetically. I have never been overweight; I had a teeny tiny waist, a pretty serious booty (lol) and thick muscular legs.  Not a good look in my eyes. I was never unhappy with the way I looked I just wanted to look better, leaner, longer…especially being 5′ tall, LONGER AND TALLER would be nice.

It is because of this transformation of my own body that I want so much to help other women stop hating their bodies and start loving it.

So am I surprised that Jess and Jo have already lost 14.25 combined? Not at all. They are committed, dedicated and determined. I am surprised that it happened SO FAST! AND they still have 30 more days! That’s the awesome part.

What is also awesome, for me, is that this is a tool that will help my staff and I prove to others that the barre n9ne™ method does work. I know there are skeptics out there who think, “Oh this won’t work for me. The only thing that works for me is spinning (or cardio kickboxing or the treadmill).”

Being a small business in a small town it is hard to compete with these big gyms and large franchise studios. What sets us apart, I think, is the personal touch. I care about my clients. I watch their form. I ask them about their goals because I sincerely want to know….and I want them to achieve them.  When I see an article I think they might enjoy, I email it to them. I know bits and pieces of their lives like a wedding they are in soon or their child’s birthday party that they are planning. My clients will never feel like’ just another person’ at my studio.

So congrats Jess and Jo. You have earned this ‘loss’ of 14.25 inches. I am so happy to have had a hand in helping you achieve this awesome result.

Here’s to 30 more days 🙂