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Yesterday I went about my normal 9-5 day.  I left work at 4:45pm, picked up my son Jalen and headed to barre n9ne™.  All day I was super excited to teach my favorite class long & lean legs. I look forward to this class all week. For purpose of this blog I will refer to this class as L3.

L3 was almost sold out…as well as fusion which followed which WAS sold out.  I arrived @ the studio, changed and began greeting clients. Everyone loves seeing Jalen before class. He is typically always smiling…until I start teaching 😉

At 5:15pm a client said to me “He is so well behaved.” I looked at the clock and responded, “He is…but he will have his meltdown very soon.” Then the unthinkable happened…….the power went out in the whole building! I thought “NOOOOOOOOO, my favorite class is about to get canceled!!” Ironically enough my dad was getting his hair cut in the salon attached to us. He came in and informed us it was the whole street that lost power, not just our building. Of course my response was, “When will the power come back on?” (as if he would know lol….aren’t dad’s supposed to know EVERYTHING?)

I got out my flashlight, which didn’t really help (note to self, buy a new, brighter, flashlight) and essentially began pacing around. Clients were running up the driveway and busting through the door like Kramer on Seinfield (no offense) to get out of the rain….then realizing there wasn’t any light!  I will admit, my head was spinning even though I remained cool, calm and collected. I was thinking “Should I try to run class? What is Julianna going to do for fusion & express? AND “WHEN/WILL the lights come back on”? ….Craziness.

It was at that moment, I just smiled…One of the ladies asked if we could try moving the curtains aside to let in the light from outside and see if we could still have class. I had been thinking of trying class in the dark all the while but I figured my clients would think I was absolutely crazy!

We moved on into the fitness room. I pulled up the L3 playlist on my iPhone and we went to work! We began with standing plies, followed by thigh dancing, moving on to glutes & inner thigh work, then focusing on the back of the legs with plies in the air (or so I call them)…..and THEN poof! The lights came back. We didn’t even skip a beat. I put on the AC & iPod and kept counting everyone through intense leg work.  I was over the fact that the lights went out, I kept thinking “what time did we get started? 535? 540? later? I need to make up that time, and QUICK so I don’t throw the rest of the classes that night off schedule & we still get an awesome workout. I stacked our standing “swoop” exercise with the side leg series. BOY OH BOY…….that was KILLER.

I will easily say last night was one of the best L3 classes in barre n9ne™ history. Who would have thought? More importantly, the motivation, determination & commitment by these ladies far exceeded my expectation last night.

Not only do I have good clients, I have AMAZING clients. They are die hard.

Not only are my clients determined, they are strong willed.

Not only are they committed, they are devoted and invested in their fitness and health.

Not only are they motivated, they are inspirational and enthusiastic.

These women had a goal last night and they were not going to let a little power outage get in the way. I LOVE this mentality.

To all my ladies in L3 last night, thank you for staying. For plowing through. For being committed to your workouts. Thank you for allowing me to be able to continue to do what I love.