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5 Questions with…Jaimie Tartis!

Jaimie Tartis is our latest barre n9ne® 60 day challenge success story! After two challenges, Jaimie is down an amazing 22 pounds and 11 inches lost! She shares her story here, about how she went beyond her own expectations and feels like the best version of herself! Congratulations Jaimie for your hard work and dedication, it has definitely paid off!!

Why did you decide to do the barre n9ne challenge (and when did you start)?

I was inspired to join barre n9ne after seeing results a former co-worker posted on Facebook. I had difficulty getting my pregnancy weight off after my second child in 2010. I had changed to a sedentary job and we ordered a LOT of take out! I gained a lot of weight and was at my heaviest I have ever been, 138. I took my first barre n9ne class 2/27/2013 to make sure I liked it before signing up for a challenge. It was such a warm, welcoming environment, nothing I have ever experienced before. I became addicted from the first class! I signed up for the April/May challenge. Between barre classes and following a clean eating diet before starting the challenge, I surprised myself by weighing 135 at the kick off meeting for the April/May challenge.

What were you doing previously (if anything) for fitness?

I was inconsistently going to the gym and using the elliptical.

Did you have any reservations going into the challenge? Or any skepticism?Summer2013

This was my first time doing anything like this, so I was unsure about my goals going into the challenge. I actually set what I thought would be a “realistic” weight and also my “long-term” goal weight. I was worried that I would not be able to follow all the aspects of the challenge, mostly the steps and calories, and that I am only able to take 2 classes a week due to my busy schedule. It was reassuring hearing at the meeting that Tanya and the instructors follow this lifestyle and seeing how amazing they look (and feel!)

What have your results been – both physical and mental?

Since walking into the barre n9ne studio doors 2/27, I am happy to say I have lost 22 lbs in total. I have barre n9ne to thank for everything I have lost. I lost 19lbs and 11 inches total between the April/May and June/July challenges, more than I could have ever hoped for! I am officially at what I thought my “long term” weight was, never thought I would be here this quickly! I feel AMAZING! This has been an incredible journey for myself. For the first time in my life, I am at peace with food and my body. I feel comfortable in my own skin. For years, I have battled with my weight and feeling guilty for eating certain foods. I am amazed at how strong I have become and I have so much more energy!

What was your biggest a-ha moment during the challenge?

My biggest a-ha moment during the challenge was when I had my first weigh in with Tanya. I successfully followed every aspect of the challenge, including not weighing myself in between. I was surprised and motivated by my results; I said to myself that I can do this!

How have your eating habits changed or evolved since embarking on the challenge?

I love food and I LOVE to eat! I notice that my body has grown used to my calorie “number”. I found that I enjoy cooking clean eating recipes and proud to share them. It was very helpful to attend Tanya’s Nutrition Seminar. I faithfully log my calories and plan ahead, especially for a treat or if I know I am going to go out to eat. I love ice cream and now I measure out the portion to the gram on a scale. Most importantly I never feel guilty about it!


What motivates you to continue the challenge and what advice do you have for anyone embarking on the 60 day challenge?

I am motivated to continue the challenge knowing that I now have the tools to maintain this weight. I truly feel that this is my lifestyle. Going to Barre N9ne is a great way to relieve stress for me. I love that every class is challenging and I can feel myself growing stronger. For anyone embarking on the 60 day challenge, I strongly recommend following all aspects and believing in yourself! I take it one day at a time and break down the aspects like a check list to make sure I meet them daily. I found ways to get my steps in despite my sedentary job. I take the long way to the bathroom or to refill my water. I eat lunch at my desk and go for a walk on my lunch break. I put laundry or dishes away one at a time; you will find ways! I was surprised how successful I was with taking 2 classes a week. I find the 60 day challenge page on Facebook a very useful tool. It’s not always important about what you have lost, but about how you feel!

Bonus question! What is your favorite and least favorite barre n9ne® signature ‘move’ and why?

I would have to say my favorite and least favorite “move” is chair! I would groan inside when the instructor announced it as the next pose. After a few months, I felt incredibly accomplished the first time I was able to fully complete a series (shaking away)!


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We did it! $6,300 raised for the OneFund #b9forboston

Like many of you, Boston has been my home for my entire life. I remember going into the city with my family as a kid to watch the Boston Marathon and cheer on the runners.
Like many of you, I was at the Boston Marathon this year with a close friend, her husband, her 2 year old son and 4 month old baby and my 2 year old son, Jalen.
Like many of you, I will never forget every detail of
Monday April 15, 2013…
For the past few years I hadn’t been able to go to the race as I was working at a financial advising firm during the day and we had to work on Patriots Day. This year, a close friend and I made a last minute decision to go into town with the kids and watch the race.
We arrived in Boston at around 10:30am. We parked in Brookline in Coolidge Corner. From there we walked to the park near Zaftigs, let the kids play for a bit then headed to Upper Crust pizza for lunch. After lunch we walked down to Beacon Street (the 24 mile mark) to cheer on the runners. There was a man and a woman where we were standing. They were so kind to let our little boys through the crowd so they could stand right up front.
I relive that moment every time I think about Monday April 15th.
The fact that our boys were not even a foot away from us, smiling, clapping, and jumping up and down waving at the runners.  The fact that just 2 miles away terrible things were about to happen. The fact that I considered when the boys were getting antsy and my friend was going to go home, that I was going to take a walk closer to the finish line so I could get some steps in.
The list of ‘what ifs’ is endless.
Thankfully I didn’t walk down to the finish line and we headed home to beat the traffic since I was supposed to teach at 5:30pm. While driving home I began receiving tons of text messages asking if we were okay. I was so confused.
After learning what had taken place I was literally in a state of shock. We were *just* there, having a wonderful day. My friend and I had just finished saying how much fun we had and how glad we were that we decided to take the kids to the marathon.
Like you, I have many pictures from that day.
They hold such a different meaning now.
Since then I have been working hard with the girls on my team to put together an event to raise money for The One Fund. It was never an option not to do something to give back to this great city and its people.
Today was such an amazing day. We held a total of 10 classes between each studio with each class participant paying $15 per class. Additionally many clients who could not come to class donated $15, $30, $45, and $60!
  260328_10151592909095682_183141919_n 600812_10151592909920682_932612194_n
I cannot even thank you all enough for the outpouring support and generosity for our event today. You raised $3,300 with your donations. barre n9ne®matched $3,000 totaling $6,300 which we are sending to The One Fund.
Additionally, many of our clients donated prizes for our raffles.
We are so grateful for your donations.
At 10:45am clients, their children, friends and family members gathered at each studio to walk/run around town. With my son Jalen, my other half- AJ and our amazing clients walking by my side these steps symbolized so much: unity, generosity, love, support, community, kindness, strength and determination.
Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for honoring those affected by the events of April 15th and for making this event a huge success We couldn’t have done it without you and we are forever grateful to have you as part of our barre n9ne® family.
 Thank you for helping us give back.

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Instructor Spotlight – Erica G!

Today, we bring you Erica! She is a long time client turned instructor who has a love for fitness and teaching. By day, Erica is an accountant and by night, of course, a barre n9ne® instructor! Enjoy reading more about her!

1 – What are your favorite songs to work out to?

Don’t Stop the Party by Pitbull (how can you not dance to that one?? And speaking of dancing, how can you not thigh dance to that one?)

Mercy by Duffy (that song was made for outer thigh work!)

Rum and Raybans by Sean Kingston featuring Cher Lloyd (I just love that song and think Cher Lloyd is adorable)

2 – What’s your favorite food/guilty pleasure?

I love food so this isn’t easy but I would have to say Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered almonds. I eat a few EVERY day. Definitely more than a few on some days. This is a shameless plug for the barre n9ne® nutrition plan because whatever your guilty pleasure is, you can have it if you plan for it!erica

3 – Favorite move to teach? Favorite move to do? (This could be very different answers!)

I love teaching chair…is that evil of me? Mostly because I know how hard it is to support your body weight in that position, which makes it amazingly effective at strengthening legs. I feel complete admiration for the way the women in class tough it out despite their legs shaking like crazy. It takes such determination to keep going when you think you can’t or to get right back into it after taking a break.

My favorite move to do is shoulders with the balls. I love the different combinations that the other instructors come up with! It’s never boring and getting through a long series feels so satisfying! I’m also falling in love with doing push ups now. I NEVER thought I’d say that!

4 – What’s one thing about you that clients may be surprised to know?

erica2My mother’s side of the family is Swedish and I grew up with a lot of those customs. When I was little, I was Saint Lucia for a Swedish Christmas fair and a very sweet elderly artist painted a ridiculously large watercolor painting of me in the costume that hangs over my grandmother’s couch to this day…I couldn’t make this stuff up!

5 – What do you love the most about teaching at barre n9ne®?

Finally getting to know the women that I have been taking classes with for so long! It’s been really nice to talk to some of the clients who started before me and the newer clients. Knowing how far they have come in terms of fitness or what their personal goals are makes it so nice to lead a class for them. I am so grateful for the chance to be a part of this amazing and inspiring group!


A fit new year

In honor of the new year, we held a Facebook contest this past week, where we asked clients to answer the following fill-in-the-blank statement:

“I am going to get fit for the new year at Barre N9NE Studio because__________________________”

And as usual, the fabulous ladies of barre n9ne® shared some incredible responses to the statement. I’ve include a few here as I firmly believe that the best way to show you what barre n9ne® means to our clients is through their words, not mine.

“I am going to get fit at Barre N9NE Studio in 2013 because I love the shake and can’t get enough of it!”

“For the second year in a row I don’t need to make a New Years resolution to get healthy or eat better because it’s become a part of my lifestyle already. Hands down the best thing I ever did with my life was go to Barre N9NE Studio and learn about food for fuel…”

“I’m going to continue to get fit at Barre N9NE Studio in the New Year because they have helped me feel so much better about myself in so many ways. Can’t get enough. B9forlife!”

“I am going to get (stay) fit for the new year at Barre N9NE Studio because after going regularly for an entire year, it is still just as challenging as my first day and I’ve yet to hit a plateau. More importantly, I’ve met some great friends and strengthened friendships with existing friends through our workout dates. There really isn’t a better thing you could promise to do for yourself in the new year!”

“I am going to get fit for the new year at Barre N9NE Studio because I need to keep up with my granddaughter.”

“I am going to get fit for the new year at Barre N9NE Studio because it is the absolute most complete, most fun and most effective workout I’ve ever done! Not to mention there is an absolutely awesome group of ladies there!”

“I am going to get fit for the new year at Barre N9NE Studio because I will be a stronger person both physically and mentally. b9 is the most effective method!”

“I am going to get fit for the new year at Barre N9NE Studio because I love what it does for my body! In the last 10 months Tanya Croteau and the other fabulous instructors have helped me get into the best shape of my life, and I am so grateful for them!”

“I am going to get fit for the new year at Barre N9NE Studio because I am forever thankful to them for helping me to transform my body and mind in 2012–and for forever changing the way I look at pretzels, chairs, and waterskiiing. ;)”

“I am going to continue to get fit at Barre N9NE Studio this year because I love the way I feel after starting my ‘Get fit’ journey here in 2012! Over the past 7 months I have transformed into a more “fit” and healthier individual than ever before; an irreplaceable feeling, and a life changing gift! I’m so excited for this new year so I can continue to transform and evolve as my new fit self!”

This is what makes barre n9ne® the community that it is now, and not ‘just’ another fitness studio or gym: our clients who endlessly support one another along their fitness journeys, and our instructors who care about each client that sets foot through the studio doors. It’s special and rare and I’m proud of what we’ve collectively done as a ‘family’. A big thank you to all of our awesome clients and instructors who continue to amaze me with their dedication, commitment, loyalty and strength.

Here’s to a fit new year to all of you — and remember: 2013 is going to be a great year. #thinkbig13

– Tanya

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It’s happening…again.

Just six months ago, barre n9ne® opened it’s second studio in Andover, MA. And six months prior to the Andover grand opening, we expanded the Danvers studio to accommodate 7 more clients per class. Well never a dull moment here, because EXACTLY one year to the date (Halloween) since our last expansion in Danvers we have done it again!

We are so excited to announce that we have begun renting out another room at 9 Page Street and have just put the finishing touches on our SECOND fitness room! That means we now have double the amount of classes we currently have! Yes you heard that right, double the classes, double the fun (and sweat) and double the clients who will have the chance to transform  their bodies in life-changing ways. I am so thankful and ever so grateful for such wonderful clients who keep coming back! The changes I’ve seen in our clients since we opened the studio *almost* three years ago is quite simply amazing. I am constantly impressed with how hard each of these ladies work and how committed they are to their fit and fabulous lives.

So I’m sure you have questions surrounding what does the studio expansion mean, exactly? What’s changing? What’s staying the same?  I’ll will tell you. OR you can check out our awesome new schedule here, which is jam-packed with fabulous classes at a variety of times to meet all of our clients needs. (please keep checking back over the weekend as we’re about 95% done with the schedule updates/additions! Specifically more classes on the weekends and more morning classes!)

What’s new:

  • New, personally trained instructors added to our awesome roster
  • New class schedules, particularly at night and early morning on Saturday — including a new 7:30am and 8:45am every Saturday and a new 9:30am Sunday class. LOTS of options!
  • New toddler classes — details in another post soon!

What’s staying the same:

  • Same incredibly effective workouts
  • Same cast of oh-so-dedicated instructors (with those new additions I mentioned)
  • Same challenge programs- 60-day challenge and Skinny Jean Challenge (next one beginning Dec 1st!)
  • Same package options- and a few new ones! Stay tuned!

What has never changed in all of this? My commitment as a studio owner and instructor to always challenge the status quo, embracing change wherever I can find it (or create it!). I firmly believe it is so important to constantly step out of your comfort zone, to seek new challenges and to chase your dreams, whatever they may be. This latest expansion of our beloved studio is just another step along the way towards an even more incredible experience for our clients, and a promise from me to always embrace change – for me and for you.

There is SO much more to share on the new studio (pictures, I promise!), the new schedule, and the new programs we are cooking up and soon enough you will be hearing from all of our fabulous instructors, getting to know them a little bit better through a blog series we’re calling: “5 questions: barre n9ne® instructor-style.” I can’t thank you enough because without all of you this wouldn’t be possible.

So stay tuned – and stay fit! 🙂

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barre n9ne® goes wine tasting!

I first have to say that we have the best clients! Over the past few days, as we weathered Hurricane Sandy, we have had such support from our clients as we kept classes going until things got to the point that we had to make cancellations. Everyone showed up, excited to get a class in before hunkering down to brave the storm!. So, thank you, to everyone, for your ongoing support. You are a fierce, dedicated, focused bunch and I think I speak for all of our instructors when I say that we appreciate it so very much!

Last Saturday, we hosted our very first wine tasting event at wine sense in Andover.  Samanta (yes Samanta, not Samantha), owner, is a wine guru and led us through a fabuous two-hour tasting where we learned the differences in each wine. For someone like me, who knows NOTHING about wine, this was so beneficial! We had such a fantastic group of ladies come out and spend the evening with us, talking wine, convincing others to come to the ‘dark’ side of red wine, and some post-event fun at brasserie 28 after the wine tasting ended.

It was such a resounding success that we are now planning a fun ‘closet sharing’  (aka wardrobe exchange!) event at our Danvers studio, on Friday, November 16 at 6:30 pm, something many of you have been asking for, for so so long! We will combine this with a mini wine tasting event, hosted by two of our very own instructors and wine aficionados…Jolene and Jessica! They’ve been to wine country in Healdsburg (Sonoma County) for the past four years and let’s just say, they know (and love!) their wine. Please sign up if you would like to attend (the cost is – get this – FREE!) We love free things!!

This is a chance for you to check out some new (smaller sized!) clothes from fellow clients while ‘paying it forward’ in sharing your clothes that you would like to exchange with other clients! Basically, bring everything in your closet that no longer fits because you are just super fit and from taking classes at barre n9ne®, and come pick out some awesome new stuff for yourself!




5 Questions with…Rebecca McCabe!

Our  5 Questions’ series continues! Meet Rebecca McCabe. She is a 60-day challenger in our Andover location and we chose to feature her for a few reasons!

First, she has seen AMAZING results in such a brief amount of time doing the barre n9ne® 60 Day Challenge. She began on June 1, 2012 and has lost 12.4 pounds and 13.75 inches! She has a completely new mindset and outlook on her healthy, fit, and happy lifestyle! She, like some of our new challengers when they first start out, was wary of actually eating *more* calories than she previously had been. She worried about gaining weight.  It sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s truly the opposite! Fuel your body with real, wholesome foods, stay active (10,000+ steps a day!) and work up a sweat in any of our fabulous barre n9ne® studio classes, and the inches and pounds will literally come off.

Rebecca is a gleaming example of this! We are so proud of her, for trusting us, the approach, and going full-force into the challenge, seeing amazing results and realizing she can have things like PEANUT BUTTER again! Congratulations Rebecca!


Why did you decide to do the barre n9ne challenge (and when did you start)? 

I started the 60 Day Challenge in June, about a month after I started to take classes in Andover and I never imagining the impact it would have on my life.  After my first class in Andover, I knew I was in love with barre.  I’ve danced all my life, and these classes were right up my alley. I’ve tried countless times to lose weight, sometimes with success and sometimes not.  I would definitely categorize myself as a yo-yo dieter: always being on a diet, or “starting my diet tomorrow.”  As I learned about the challenge, it just seemed so different from anything I’d ever tried, a life changing experience, not just a 60-day experience.  Seeing as my previous attempts at losing weight had failed, I had no doubt that I wanted to give this a try.

What were you doing previously (if anything) for fitness?

My main form of fitness prior to the challenge was dance; dancing once a week for about an hour and a half (my favorite hour and half of the week)!  An hour and a half of dance is great, but exercising once a week, I know just doesn’t cut it!

I was also an on again, off again runner.  I would start to run for 2-3 weeks everyday, then I’d get bored and stop for a long time.  My expectation was that running would help me lose weight, and when I didn’t see results, I would just stop.  I didn’t really have any real goals with running; I was just running without a purpose.

I had a mentality of “all or nothing.” I would work out really hard (everyday), and track calories (1,000/day).  However, the minute I stopped doing one thing, I would give up entirely, in large part to the fact that my exercise and calorie regime was completely unrealistic and unsustainable.

Did you have any reservations going into the challenge? Or any skepticism?

I remember being in the meeting for the first challenge as Tanya was going over the program.  I believe she said: I’ll start with the easiest step of the challenge and lead to the hardest.  The first three steps seemed like they were going to be challenging, but I wouldn’t say I was skeptical.  I recognize that they were all very essential parts of a successful lifestyle, and would help me attain the changes I was looking to make.  The 4th step however gave me many reservations:

  • STEP 1: 64 oz of water….PLAIN WATER! I am someone who NEVER EVER consumed PLAIN water.  I have endless packages of various Crystal Light packs stocked in my pantry because I used them all the time, even carrying them in my purse to restaurants.  The very thought of having to drink 64 oz. of this bland substance, seemed like an impossible mission….and this was supposed to be the easiest part?  I had some reservations about my ability to complete this task, but I completely understood the rationale.  With determination I knew it could be done!
  • STEP 2: Take 10,000 steps/day! I actually thought that this part of the challenge would be easy for me.  I’m a physical therapist at a hospital, so I figured I’m moving around for a good portion of the day, so that’s not too bad…..but after putting my fitbit (pedometer) on for a day, I quickly learned that 10,000 steps/day is a lot more than I had anticipated. I realized how much of the day I spent sitting down for one reason or another.  This too was going to be a challenge that I knew would just require me becoming more aware of how much I was moving, and making an effort to get up and about more.
  • STEP 3: No artificial sweeteners. Well, aside from the 4 packs a day of Crystal Light that I was consuming, I knew that this part of the challenge would NOT be a problem for me.  I’m not a coffee or tea drinker, so the only thing that I had to really get rid of the the crystal light, and if I have to drink 64 oz. of plain water, then there would be no need for artificial sweeteners.
  • STEP 4: STICK TO YOUR NUMBER!!!!  And this is where I had all my skepticism.  When I first started this challenge I was eating 1,000-1,100 calories/day.  I had “dieted” before (in college) eating 1,000 calories/day and lost a lot of weight, which I later gained back.  Leading up to the challenge I was back to “dieting.”  I had lost 6 pounds in 1 month, eating at this number!  So, in the back of mind I contemplated not changing my number, not even addressing how much I was eating, just sticking to STEPS 1 – 3, while eating 1,000 calories/day, figuring I’d definitely have success. It’s such a hard concept to grasp: eat more, and lose more.  I just thought I was the exception…. “yes, everyone else can eat their number, but I’ve done this for so long now (eating low calories) that my body’s just used to it, and that if I try to eat more, my body will want to store it!” I was convinced that this would never work for me. I did in the end decide to discuss my number with the staff, who gave me a number, a number that was a complete compromise, because my reservations about eating high calories was so big.  About a week into the challenge, as I started becoming more active on the facebook page it became clear to me that I really needed to take the full plunge, and give this challenge my all.  Why put all the effort into most of the challenge, if I wasn’t going give it 100%!

What have your results been – both physical and mental?


During my first challenge I lost 10 pounds, and 11.75 inches, fitting into clothes I’d never thought I’d get back into.  Less then a year ago I was digging through my closet trying to find something to wear for a job interview, and none of my nice clothes fit.  Today, I put those same clothes on, and not only can I get them over my hips, but they are now falling off!


I wouldn’t say that I’m a new person, I’m just a better me.  Somewhere on these journey, I’ve become more confident, happy, and developed the mentality that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!  This challenge has quite literally changed my life: the way I feel, how I eat and look at food.  I went from being a “dieter” to being a healthy person! I started as someone who didn’t enjoy going out because of how I looked, and now I’m someone who enjoys being out and about and can hold my head high, and with confidence in who I’ve become.

What was your biggest a-ha moment during the challenge?

I’ve had a couple of a-ha moments!  First, was probably when I saw my family for the first time since starting the challenge (about 5 weeks into it).  Their first comments being “where did all of you go!”  It was that moment, combined with my half-way point weigh-in (2 days later), that provided me with the “a-ha”…eating more really can make you lose more.  I was beaming inside, and couldn’t get over that feeling of success; that feeling that make these positive life changes were all worth it.

My second a-ha moment was going out to lunch at Cheesecake Factory.  Going out to eat was something that I’d dreaded, thinking I was going to watch my family eat pasta, or a burger, with fries, while I would be munching on a bowl of lettuce with dressing on the side.  So, when I opened my menu, I was pleasantly surprised to find a section that offered lighter options…..that didn’t just include salads.  I scanned the page, and found “Margherita Flatbread Pizza.”  I absolutely could not believe that this was even an option for me.  I had my doubts about how big this would actually be, or if would taste good……but let me tell you it was absolutely PERFECT! For 330 calories (330 calories I never would allow myself when eating 1,000 calories/day), it was by far the BEST pizza I have ever had.  This is the moment when I realized that eating out isn’t something to dread, but something to enjoy and share with great company.

How have your eating habits changed or evolved since embarking on the challenge?

Without a doubt, the biggest change I’ve experienced throughout this challenge has been my eating habits.  Prior to this challenge my meals consisted of having cereal for breakfast, a sandwich, granola bar and 100- calorie pack for lunch, and pasta or a lean cuisine for dinner, and lots of after dinner sugar free/fat free snacks.  I was consuming foods because they were low in calories, never looking at what was in these foods to make them so “low-calorie”.  The only vegetables that I ate were onions, and sometimes bell peppers (because I decided I didn’t like them) and I had never EVER had fish!

Since this challenge began, the foods I have tried and meals I have made are endless.  There wouldn’t be enough time or space for me to tell you everything I’ve tried, but I’ll give a few (unlikely) foods that I think you should definitely try, if you haven’t already: tilapia, eggplant, quinoa, and my favorite – SPAGHETTI SQUASH

Now I LOVE grocery shopping! I love piling up my shopping cart with fresh produce and exploring the aisles for new healthy options.  I’ve been amazed to learn how much processing goes into so many foods.  One of the most eye-opening experiences I had was when I encountered peanut butter with NO CALORIES! With everything I’ve learned thus far, all I could do was laugh.  I thought to myself, there is absolutely NO WAY for this to be good for me…..and quickly realized that the old me would have jumped on the opportunity to have a no calorie peanut butter, not thinking twice about what was being put into it.  One of my favorite parts of this challenge (other than experimenting with lots of new foods), has been the addition of REAL PEANUT BUTTER into my diet! Because I was eating so few calories before, real peanut butter was never an option (high calories, but lots of nutrients)… I think everything tastes better with a little P.B.

I also try to use my weekend to plan my meals for the week, usually making a different dinner each night.  It gives me something to look forward to every night, instead of coming home to a small little TV dinner.  It’s also more enjoyable to eat, because I know how much time and effort I spent putting everything together.

Lastly, dessert is something that I absolutely love, and would never go without. Thanks to the barre n9ne® banana peanut butter ice cream, dessert is both delicious and nutritious.

What motivates you to continue the challenge and what advice do you have for anyone embarking on the 60 day challenge?

What motivates me to keep going…..WHAT DOESN’T?!  I love the classes, I feel better about myself, I love that nothing gets easier, but I’m still getting stronger, I love the people that I’ve met, and I love how much my life has changed for the better.  What motivates me is that I still have “a-ha” moments, that I’m still growing as a person, and I continue to be challenged each day through class, making the right food choices, getting all those steps in, and drinking that water.

Since embarking on this challenge, I decided I wanted to complete a half-marathon.  It’s always been something I put on the back burner, but never really gone for it. So, TODAY, while I was running around the lake, going on my longest run (ever), I just thought to myself, anything is possible.  It’s not that running is a part of the challenge, but I feel that since starting this challenge, I’ve gained this mentality that literally anything is possible, if you put in the effort.  When I started this challenge, I thought it would be impossible to drink the water, walk 10,000 everyday, eat “real” food, but I’ve done it.  I LOVE that this challenge has made me feel that nothing is impossible, and that’s what keeps me going back for more!


My best advice would be to embrace this challenge with open arms.  If you’re skeptical (as I was at first), I’m telling you, just give it a try!  These instructors are all great, and knowledgable….utilize their knowledge and TRUST them.  If something’s not working for you, let them help you. To me, this challenge is a community of wonderful people all striving to make changes in our lives for the better! This challenge is the best gift that you could give to yourself: believe in yourself!

Some helpful tips that have worked for me: planning makes all the difference in the world! If you are able to determine ahead of time what your schedule will be like the next day(s) you’ll know when you need to fit in some extra time for walking, so you’re not walking in circles around your house at 11:45pm (unless that’s what you like to do), or making sure you have snacks on hand. Planning can get you excited about what your next day/week has to offer.


Bonus question! What is your favorite and least favorite barre n9ne® signature ‘move’ and why?

I have a love – hate relationship with the side-lying leg lifts (for the side swoop) – they are SO painful, but I LOVE the challenge, and they always leave me SORE (in a good way)!

I just want to finish by saying THANK YOU to this amazing barre n9ne® staff!  This challenge has without a doubt changed by life for the better.  I’ve learned so much about a true healthy lifestyle and feel like I’ve grown so much as a person.  The wonderful B9 staff has been incredible; they are so helpful, encouraging and motivating.  There aren’t enough positive words to describe the impact this challenge has had on me.  Anyone who talks to me for more than 5 minutes, knows about barre n9ne®…….it has become such an integral part of who I am.  I look forward to completing this challenge, and many more to come!

Rebecca’s amazing results!!

Rebecca ‘barren9ne’ing’ it on her way to work – bring on CHAIR!