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First Annual barre n9ne® studio Client Appreciation Week!


Today kicks off our first annual barre n9ne® studio client appreciation week and we are so excited to see all our  FREE classes sold out!! We hope it is a chance for you to try a different class than would typically not take (cardio, for example!) or to check out various instructors that you have not yet tried a class with. Beyond that, it is our chance to thank YOU for being such loyal, dedicated, and enthusiastic clients for the last, *almost* THREE years!  We definitely would not be where we are today without your support, word of mouth referrals and enthusiasm!

Client appreciation week also kicks off a bevy of new events and special classes that I, along with our marketing team- Jolene and Jess– have put together, starting with the introduction of barre n9ne® studio Intensives! These are 75 minute classes made up of our most challenging exercises, with less breaks, more education, and of course, more sweating! (For the safety of our clients you must have taken at least 20 classes to participate in a barre n9ne® studio Intensive!). Try out one of these intensives this weekend —  on Saturday in Danvers with Jessica, and on Sunday in Andover with Jolene! We promise these will challenge you like never before, and will help you take it up another notch or two in your fitness journey! We plan to hold these every other month, starting in March, so stay tuned!!

Annnnnd are you ready for this? In addition to Intensives, we are also bringing you barre n9ne® studio workshops! These will be complimentary to the barre n9ne® studio Intensives in that they are 75 minute sessions that focus on form, posture, breaking down various exercises, and showing you the most effective way to do them which will  help you apply this to each and every class. We will choose a specific focus for each workshop – for example, abs – so you can connect more with that body part, learn proper form and placement and apply that knowledge to your next class! These workshops will also start in March, and will be on alternating weekends to the Intensives! Stay tuned!!

These are just a few of the fabulous events we have planned in 2013 for YOU, our most AMAZING clients. We are really looking forward to seeing you all this week in our packed classes and for those that have the opportunity to try an Intensive, TELL US how you liked them, and share it with us on Facebook, too! We love, love, love hearing from you!

See you at the barre,



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