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Instructor spotlight – Amy!

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This week you get to learn all about Amy! She is the only barre n9ne® instructor who isn’t from Mass! Crazy huh! Also she is our tallest instructor, and she is getting married in 2013! Enjoy!

1 – What are  your favorite songs to work out to?

I love anything w/ David Guetta.  All of his songs get me really amped up and ready for a workout!  My favorite song of his would probably be “Night of your Life” featuring Jennifer Hudson (love her!).

My second favorite song right now would be “Lucky Strike” by Maroon 5.  One problem with this song is that it makes me want to stop working out and start dancing!  Luckily for the clients I promise I’ll never do this…but it sure is tempting! 🙂

My third favorite would be “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benatar. Growing up, I was the kid holding a lollipop as a microphone, singing (or I should say belting!) this song at the top of my lungs and loving every minute of it. So not only does playing it bring back those fun memories, but I think it works really well during triceps with the band.

2 – What’s your favorite food or guilty pleasure?

Where should I begin with this…..I’d say Mac-N-Cheese (any way, shape, or form) is my ultimate guilty-pleasure favorite. I would eat this for breakfast, lunch & dinner if I could.  I found a Mac-N-Cheese recipe online that I would suggest to anyone & everyone, which is Bobby Flay’s “Mac-N-Cheese Carbonara” (which BTW, was a “Throwdown” winner for Bobby…  for those Food Network crazies like myself!)

Then a close second choice would be Lindt Chocolate… but not just ANY Lindt chocolate, the milk chocolate bar with the raspberry filling.  If you haven’t tried this yet, you need to go grab a bar ASAP.  It’s fabulous.  I request one from my fiancé every year for Christmas 🙂


3 – What’s your favorite move to teach? To take?

My favorite move to teach is probably the shoulder series with the silver balls.  There are so many different exercise combinations you can put together for this series, so I love making it different for each class.  It’s also an intense workout!

For my favorite move to do, it’s impossible to pick just one exercise!  I love any plank series, glutes on all fours with the silver ball, and I also have a very strong love/hate relationship w/ thigh dancing! 😉    I love feeling that immediate burn, and these exercises (among many others) really accomplish that for me!

4 – What’s one thing people might be surprised to know about you?

You may be surprised to know that I have my motorcycle permit. I was SUPPOSED to get my license earlier this year but didn’t sign up for the course in time. That course fills up quickly!

Although I probably shouldn’t be admitting this, I also tried out for American Idol in NYC during the show’s second season. I stood in line with over 11,000 other people for over 14 hours. I finally got in, but it wasn’t worth it, as I DIDN’T receive a yellow pass to the next round, and I most importantly I DIDN’T even get to meet Paula!  (I couldn’t care less about Simon and Randy, but no Paula!?  I was extremely bummed).

5 – What do you love about teaching at barre n9ne®?

I love having the ability to create classes that will challenge clients to reach their fitness goals.  I truly believe that these exercises achieve results, both physically AND mentally, and I love that I can express my passion for barre n9ne through teaching now.  I want the energy I bring to class to motivate and encourage clients to finish that third set, or PUSH through that final burnout!  The classes are not easy, EVER!   But isn’t that why we all come?  Also, the sense of community and togetherness among both the clients and Instructors at barre n9ne® reminds me of being back on a sports team, where we all share the same determination and drive to reach our goals.  I also forgot to mention that teaching is SO MUCH FUN!!  🙂


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