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What focus does.


Today we bring you a guest post by Jessica Sutera, one of our awesome instructors at barre n9ne®. If you haven’t taken a class with Jess yet, well what the heck are you waiting for 🙂 I think it should be your personal mission to get to a class with Jess, and on that note, to try a class with each and every instructor at least once, even if the time(s) they teach at don’t typically work for your schedule. One client told me during her 60 day challenge she made it a point to take each class at least once and to try out every instructor. I think that is a fabulous idea! 

We are always trying to make your workouts that much more effective and I think Jess has pretty much summed it all up here 🙂 Enjoy!

A few months ago, I read this FitSugar article on the most often-made mistakes at the barre. We circulated it around the studio a bit and we pretty much all came to the same conclusion: Focus is the name of the game. 

What focus does: 

  • It keeps you centered: on your movements, your muscles, your shaking. Not your barre-neighbors movements, muscles and shaking. Feeling centered helps me to push harder, longer and farther into a set, it allows me to get to that all important shake at the barre. I’d never get that shot if I was too busy looking around the room, or worse — staring off into space, ‘phoning in’ the workout entirely.
  • It helps you work that muscle to utter fatigue. Literally, just thinking about the muscle you’re working makes a world of a difference. Try it next time you’re working on that last set of tricep lifts and, as you notice your arm start to falter, your elbow start to bend: focus. Bring that arm out to straight, lift it a little bit higher above your hip and *think* about that muscle running along the backside of your arm. Somehow just making that mind/body connection makes an incredible difference.
  • It can be very cleansing. Speaking of that mind/body connection — one of the main reasons I adore barre classes is that it gives me one hour where I can focus on me. On what my muscles are doing (screaming at me, most likely), on how strong I’m becoming and, quite simply — it gives me an excuse to focus on me for that hour. Such a refreshing and oftentimes cleansing feeling in what is often a very rushed, chaotic, jam-packed day. That hour in the studio though? It’s mine. So to do anything less than give it my utmost attention would be doing myself a serious disservice.

You’ll often hear us at the studio talk about focus, always, but also intention — a word, which to me, holds such deep meaning. It’s about moving with intention while in class, never going through the motions and always working a little bit harder each time you set foot in the studio. Working with intention, when paired with the types of classes we are proud to offer at barre n9ne®, means you will always be working to your full potential in class. Working to your full potential means never hitting that wall or plateau. Goodbye plateau — hello results. I like the sounds of that.

So next time you hear me or any of the other instructors at the studio talk about focusing on that muscle, lifting that weight with intention and purpose, give it a second thought. And then give it a try. Because that is what focus does.


Author: Jess Sutera

Hi and welcome to my little corner of the Internet. I'm a major fitgeek and wear that label proudly. My fit-passions are fairly evenly split between running (just ran my first marathon this past October 2012!) and for barre-style workouts. Ever since embarking on a 60-day challenge at barre n9ne, a local barre studio in my area last May, I've become a new woman. Stronger. Confident. Happy in my own skin. I'm now happily paying that experience forward by teaching at the same studio, a job I absolutely adore. In addition to my 'day job' which involves corporate communications (social media and PR mainly), I spend as much time with my husband of 8+ years doing the things that we love - which yes, includes working out, but also involves travel, wine, good food, and great friends. Hence the name of my blog - EatDrinkBreatheSweat - which stands for eating well, drinking even better, breathing in every single moment in each day we're on this earth, and getting a good sweat on as often as possible. So, if you're looking for motivation, a few laughs, and insight into how an "everyday" chick gets her sweat on, then this is the blog for you. Welcome!

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