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5 Questions With…Emily Viator!

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At barre n9ne®,  we have an incredible mix of clients. I feel that everyone can relate to someone. Our clients range from age 17-66. This range is made up of ladies either working full time or going to school, or both- either married or unmarried, those that have children and those that don’t. We have the mothers and daughters that come together, we have the grandmother and granddaughter who come together, we have the sisters that come, the best friends, the cousins, the aunts and nieces. The list is endless. There are the fitness fanatics who come to barre n9ne® 5-6 days a week and those who come 1, 2, or 3 times per week.

The awesome thing is each and every client is unique and different in their own way and I love them all! That being said, there is one niche of clients who will always hold a special place in my heart- our MOM clients, and for me specifically at this moment, our NEW MOMS. Being a ‘relatively new’ mom myself, I understand how hard it is to get in some ME time. You see, when I had Jalen, I was working full time at a financial advising firm and running the Danvers studio so I can absolutely relate to the 9 to 5-ers who have children and are trying so hard squeeze in a workout. I know it is tough. I know you are exhausted at the end of the day. I know many times you just want to blow off class and stay home and either relax when kids {finally} go to bed or get laundry, errands, and other chores done. I commend you for making time for yourself and coming to class! We also have stay at home moms who have 1,2, 3 and 4 children! Now whoever said that a stay at home moms job is EASY, in my opinion, that person is a crazy lunatic 🙂  This is one of the hardest jobs out there! So to those clients who are stay at home moms and still find the time to come to class I also commend you!!

Now where is all this heading? Well, we are so often featuring challengers when we talk about the results you can have from taking barre n9ne® classes. This time, I wanted to focus on a mom who didn’t necessarily do one of our 60 day challenges, but rather a mom who had purchased the New Moms Bounce Back package (3 unlimited months of classes for $300, valid for new moms who are no more than 9 month postpartum.) and who committed to coming for 3 months straight. One lovely lady who stuck out in my mind is Emily Viator. You can read her story below, of course, but first I just have to say that Emily did such an amazing job in the 3 months that she was taking classes with her New Moms Bounce Back package. She took 54 classes over the course of 3 months and totally got back into pre-baby shape!

Emily is a shining example of why making sure you get in some “ME” time that you all deserve is so important.  Taking an hour a few times a week to go to a class not only makes you feel great but will provide you even more energy to care for your new baby! Congratulations Emily, on your progress and success, you look fantastic, happier than ever and carrying that newfound confidence we all love to see!

1) What drew you to barre n9ne® and the new moms bounceback program, initially (beyond the obvious ‘body after baby’ factor)?

Well to be honest it was seeing the results of some of the other clients!

I am friendly with a couple of the instructors (Jessica and Jolene) and I have been amazed and also intrigued with their transformations over the last year. I had talked about trying it in the past but this just seemed like the perfect time to give it a shot. I was 4 months postpartum and felt like I had a handle on things with the baby enough to commit to going to classes a few nights a week. I remember looking at the class schedule and thinking…an hour is an ok amount of time for ME right? Can I honestly say I can make it to class at least four nights a week?  I laughed when I asked myself these questions because a few months prior they weren’t even questions, thoughts or even considerations. I never had to think about if going to an hour class would have such an impact…any mom can appreciate that one! Going to class also gave my husband a chance to spend some alone time with our daughter which he greatly enjoyed and looked forward to.

Since becoming a new mom, I needed something new and exciting to get me back into working out. I was looking forward to getting in shape with other women that were in the same situation as me and had the same goals and concerns. I thought that the bounce back program was a great way to make the classes affordable for new moms. The unlimited option was GREAT and I tried to take full advantage. I felt like the three months was also a good amount of time to allow for someone to get a full experience and see results. I think any new mom can appreciate the need for a little extra time to get your body back in shape.

2) What were your expectations (if any) going into the program?

I have to say my expectations were rather low. I was really excited to get back into working out but I was pretty skeptical about the results. Mostly because I knew that going to classes as much as possible allowed no time for true cardio besides walking with the stroller during the day. Let’s just say I was WRONG!

3) Prior to barre n9ne®, what was your go-to workout for getting into ‘fighting’ shape? Did you have any reservations about trying something new to get back into shape, post-baby?

I am a pretty active person by nature. I have always enjoyed exercising. Prior to barre n9ne®, I would say I was your typical “gym go-er.” I enjoy spinning, weight classes, other group classes and working out independently. I was lucky enough that I was able to work out pretty much throughout my entire pregnancy.

My reservations were mainly that I wouldn’t see any major results. I desperately wanted and needed these results. I wanted my body back, the way it used to be! I was concerned that by doing the bounceback program I was going to invest all of my designated work-out time to a method and program I hadn’t tried before. Would it be worth it? Should I just go back to the gym? Finding time for me can be so difficult and sometimes feel impossible. I wanted the investment of time to be effective and it DEFINITELY was!

4) What has been the biggest surprise result or experience for you coming out of the new moms bounce back program?

A very memorable moment came about two months into the program. One morning, I was getting dressed for the day and I noticed my pre-pregnancy jeans sitting in my closet. They were somewhat hidden only because I had tried to put them on a few months prior and it was not a success. As much as I love my daughter and treasure the experience of being pregnant, I did not love or treasure the weight gain. I was lucky enough to have a very “easy” pregnancy but going to those appointments and seeing the numbers go up on the scale was so difficult. Even though I gained the “average” 30 pounds, it still wasn’t easy.

So there they were the jeans. I hesitated putting them on thinking that this was going to be another one of those moments where I would end up hiding them back in the closet for yet another try but sure enough they fit! They fit just like they used to and I actually felt good in them! I was so excited. At that moment I was completely convinced that the barre n9ne® classes really do produce results. They are 100% worth the investment in all forms.

5) What overall results did you experience during the three-month program – both physical and mental?

Physically: The results speak for themselves. I am now able to fit into all my pre-pregnancy clothes. Some of them are even now loose! I am stronger, leaner, and feel like I am back to myself. One of my favorite aspects of the barre workouts is that they never seem to get easier. You can always get lower, hold longer, do a longer series etc. It is truly the first and only method of working out that I haven’t noticed any plateau and I love it for that.

Mentally: Doing the bounce back program allowed me to designate time for me again.  The sudden lack of sleep, physical, and mental exhaustion that accompany new motherhood make it so easy to come up with an excuse not to work out. I remember having those early mornings in the beginning and being signed up for a class at night, thinking “How am I going to make it through today, never mind a barre class tonight!” Although not easy, you can, and when you return home after class you will feel great! The commitment to the program made it easy to stay focused on getting back in shape and also justified the time I was spending away from the baby. It was also a commitment to me which I think is so important for new moms especially. There are so many changes that happen so quickly in your life that it is easy to lose site of who you used to be.

I also wanted to add that the mommy and me classes were really great too. It was such a fun experience to be able to work out with Julia and she loved it! The environment was so welcoming and hanging out with all the new moms was a lot of fun. I also liked how it was casual enough that I didn’t feel awkward if Julia cried or maybe wasn’t in the mood for the exercise series at that moment. I will also add that doing the barre exercises with a baby on your chest is not easy!

Bonus question: What is your favorite/least favorite barre n9ne signature move and WHY?

CHAIR pose at the barre is definitely my favorite and LEAST favorite move all in one. It is so challenging and never seems to get any easier! I think my legs begin shaking at the mere mention of it in class! But that is also why it is my favorite as well. I love the challenge that it presents to both my body and mind to stick with it through the series.

Thank you to barre n9ne® and all the instructors for giving me the opportunity to feel like myself again. The studio is truly a special place and I look forward to continuing taking classes, I’m hooked!


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