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It’s happening…again.

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Just six months ago, barre n9ne® opened it’s second studio in Andover, MA. And six months prior to the Andover grand opening, we expanded the Danvers studio to accommodate 7 more clients per class. Well never a dull moment here, because EXACTLY one year to the date (Halloween) since our last expansion in Danvers we have done it again!

We are so excited to announce that we have begun renting out another room at 9 Page Street and have just put the finishing touches on our SECOND fitness room! That means we now have double the amount of classes we currently have! Yes you heard that right, double the classes, double the fun (and sweat) and double the clients who will have the chance to transform  their bodies in life-changing ways. I am so thankful and ever so grateful for such wonderful clients who keep coming back! The changes I’ve seen in our clients since we opened the studio *almost* three years ago is quite simply amazing. I am constantly impressed with how hard each of these ladies work and how committed they are to their fit and fabulous lives.

So I’m sure you have questions surrounding what does the studio expansion mean, exactly? What’s changing? What’s staying the same?  I’ll will tell you. OR you can check out our awesome new schedule here, which is jam-packed with fabulous classes at a variety of times to meet all of our clients needs. (please keep checking back over the weekend as we’re about 95% done with the schedule updates/additions! Specifically more classes on the weekends and more morning classes!)

What’s new:

  • New, personally trained instructors added to our awesome roster
  • New class schedules, particularly at night and early morning on Saturday — including a new 7:30am and 8:45am every Saturday and a new 9:30am Sunday class. LOTS of options!
  • New toddler classes — details in another post soon!

What’s staying the same:

  • Same incredibly effective workouts
  • Same cast of oh-so-dedicated instructors (with those new additions I mentioned)
  • Same challenge programs- 60-day challenge and Skinny Jean Challenge (next one beginning Dec 1st!)
  • Same package options- and a few new ones! Stay tuned!

What has never changed in all of this? My commitment as a studio owner and instructor to always challenge the status quo, embracing change wherever I can find it (or create it!). I firmly believe it is so important to constantly step out of your comfort zone, to seek new challenges and to chase your dreams, whatever they may be. This latest expansion of our beloved studio is just another step along the way towards an even more incredible experience for our clients, and a promise from me to always embrace change – for me and for you.

There is SO much more to share on the new studio (pictures, I promise!), the new schedule, and the new programs we are cooking up and soon enough you will be hearing from all of our fabulous instructors, getting to know them a little bit better through a blog series we’re calling: “5 questions: barre n9ne® instructor-style.” I can’t thank you enough because without all of you this wouldn’t be possible.

So stay tuned – and stay fit! 🙂


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