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It’s Returnable!


I thought of this post as I was blowdrying my hair this morning, thinking “It’s raining again and I still don’t have rain boots!”

Now those of you who saw my string of posts on Facebook talking about the Hunters rain boots I bought on Gilt (for $73 each!) well I had to return them because they were too big. 😦

So how does this relate to barre n9ne right®…? Because I know you really have better things to do than to worry about my rain boot issue 🙂

Well I was thinking about the 60 day challenge ladies who are finishing up TODAY and getting measured TONIGHT and also thinking about a conversation I had with a new client yesterday afternoon, AND thinking back to when I bought these two pairs of Hunters on Gilt and to justify it I told AJ “they are returnable”-I had an epiphany….

That body you don’t like, IT’S RETURNABLE! This is my new motto! Bring it to barre n9ne® and trade it in for a body you LOVE.

This is truly what these ladies did during their 60 day challenge! At the halfway mark let me remind you we had women losing 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 10 inches- in 30 days! Also weight loss of 3-11lbs! I mean if that isn’t remarkable I don’t know what is! They basically “traded in” or RETURNED their old body for a new one!

So if you hear me saying this a lot now you know why!

Start applying this saying to EVERYTHING- heck I do!

I bought some clothes this weekend and the first question I asked at the register is “what is your return policy?” Why am I obsessing over this {one might say} because life is too short to live it unhappy or unsatisfied. Your life is what you make of it. You are responsible for YOU. If you aren’t who is?

Do you think that celebrity you are spending time reading about in US Weekly is caring about what you are doing with your life? NO, not a chance- they don’t even know who you are BUT we seem to know everything that is going on in Jennifer Aniston’s love life or all the tiny details about Kim Kardashian’s wedding….Spend that time on YOU instead.

If you don’t like your body, do something about it (and I can help you!!!) if you don’t like those jeans you bought last week- return them and get a pair you LOVE! If you are not happy in your job, get your resume in order and start sending it out and networking!

Trade in that which you don’t love for that which you do love!

What are you going to “return” today?

P.S. 60 Challege Ladies: take those clothes that you will never fit into again because they are too big and DONATE them. Get them out of your closet. There is no going back- this is the new YOU. Congratulations.


3 thoughts on “It’s Returnable!

  1. This is brilliant. And SO SO SO spot on with how I’m feeling, five MONTHS into my “new life.” A life I never ever thought I’d have – nevermind a body that is now one that truly feels like “me” versus the old body. LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YES!!!!! Totally agree and love this…and in another way? Returnable to some also means it’s okay to slide back into old habits…if it’s a diet or some other form of torture 😉 The weight is returnable if you go on a DIET but not if you change your life!

  3. Love this! And love to be completing my first Challenge and going on to the second one! Such an amazing, life-changing experience that changed my mental as well as physical health for the (much) better.

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