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30 day results….19 days late…oops! AND a wonderful client story

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The last time I posted was right before we moved. I am happy to report that we finally feel settled in. This was a really difficult move. I don’t know if it’s because this time we have Jalen therefore we have way MORE “stuff” or if I was just not as organized as I have been in the past. Either way I feel relieved that it is finally over.

Moving on to what I am so excited to post about….and yes 19 days late might I add….The halfway point results of the current 60 Day Challenge! Here goes:

As of September 1st 2011: 12 ladies…. 66 inches and 45lbs LOST!

Some of you may know that we had a friendly competition going on during the first 30 days. The person with the greatest number of inches lost would win a set of 4 blue dishes from Crate and Barrel! WHY BLUE? Blue makes you eat less 🙂 look it up!

The winner is Amanda H. She lost 10 inches and 11lbs!  Congratulations Amanda!

I am so proud of these women. Their determination and commitment to the barre n9ne® 60 day challenge has truly paid off. AND we are not even at the end yet! I can only imagine that we are going to be close to 90 inches lost on September 29th!

Now for the best part…..I received this note in my email box from a participant in the 60 day challenge last week. With her permission I am sharing it with you. It is notes like these that remind me why I love my job so much. Enjoy.


So I knew I was excited when I lost a few inches and pounds, but I’m pretty excited that other people are noticing – so excited that I decided to write you a brief novel 🙂

Here’s a  quick background on how I came here:

In Summer 2006, I was a sophomore in college and really antsy. I had NO idea why I settled on Salem State and sticking around here. I was in a stale relationship, and decided it was time for a change. I applied to NYU as a visiting student, didn’t tell anyone, not even my parents or boyfriend, and then in 2007 I was off to live in New York City without knowing a soul. I consider that to be the year that I was in the best shape ever, but still somewhat unhealthy. I was going to the gym at school often, walking everywhere (in heels…in the winter…), and just exploring. I lost weight but I know part of that had to do with nerves, and it was my first time living on my own so I wasn’t eating very well (lots of oatmeal and tea, shoes came before nutrition!) Right before I left, I treated myself to a pair of size 27 Seven A-Pockets for $170. I LIVED in these jeans!

It all unfolded that as a visiting student, if I became a transfer student, I wasn’t eligible for financial aid and my whole degree would cost me over 75k for two years. So, I packed up my stuff, moved back home, broke up with my boyfriend, back to SSC with no friends after having the best time of my life. I started dating someone else, a relationship that lasted almost 3 years and was SO unhealthy, mentally, and food-wise. We literally used to sit in his basement and eat pints of Ben and Jerry’s, always ordered takeout, just gross. I would always get fro-yo, but still, I was sitting on my butt eating a lot of crappy food. I graduated, and my part time desk job turned into a full time desk job. And my hips got wider, butt got bigger…you know the drill!

I finally broke up with that guy in April 2010. What a mess it all was. My good friend from high school invited me to hang out with her running club friends after their usual Thursday night run. I started hanging out with them weekly, and they quickly turned into great friends. I was impressed by how active they all were – not just their running, but just always doing something outdoorsy. I started indoor rock climbing with them, and my friend had heard about barre n9ne® from a girl she worked with because we both wanted to take a winter class to keep us busy. I ended up coming to class one night and clearly, was hooked!

Fast forward to last night, it was my little brothers 20th birthday dinner. We’re really close, and two summers ago we went to the beach and he killed me when he said “whoa, you could tighten up your belly a little”. I wasn’t offended because we’re close, he wasn’t trying to be mean, and I had just always been thin and never worried about being in a bathing suit. Talk about motivation. I feel like I finally got it all together with this challenge…last night we went for a quick trip to dunks, I was driving, and when I grabbed the coffee from the drive through he was like “wow, look at that, no arm flab! And your belly doesn’t hang over your jeans!” I flexed my arm a little and he was impressed that I had a little bit of definition. PS, I had never lifted a single weight before barre n9ne®, I was always WAY too intimidated by them, so I always stuck to machines and the elliptical at the gym. Anyway, that felt awesome, to have someone who has known me my entire life say that my body has changed and it was noticeable.

My goal sheet that I filled out before the challenge said two things: to not have to tuck my belly in my jeans when I sit down, and to fit in my goal jeans. Since my brother pointed out the belly/jeans thing, I decided to give my goal jeans a shot. Well, I’m wearing those size 27 A Pockets at work today. They’re not quite perfect – I had a little muffin top when I put them on, but they button, zipper, I can sit in them, and you can’t see panty lines, so in my mind, they fit! 🙂

This has been an awesome year, I’ve tried so many new things, am very active, and in an awesome relationship. This challenge couldn’t have come at a better time – can’t wait to start the next one with my friend, who I met as part of the running club (that I still don’t run with, but that’s a whole ‘nother story!)

So yeah, thanks for all the support, the tweets, the assists in class…it’s all working out so well!


One thought on “30 day results….19 days late…oops! AND a wonderful client story

  1. Yay!! Love to see this post and the results and the ‘novel’ – this is exactly why I LOVE barre n9ne so much and all that it is. Community, TRUE change, REAL LIFE, not temporary results. This is IT! 🙂

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