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Hi all,

I know I have been MIA recently. So much is going on and unfortunately blogging was put to the back burner. 😦

So much to tell you all! I love lists so I will plunge right in here:

1. The 60 day challenge is in full swing! I have 13 ladies ranging from about 24 years old to 50 years old taking this challenge! It is literally the BEST group of women! I have women who haven’t worked out in forever doing this challenge, women that are avid worker-outers, women who have only been to a few classes, new moms,  moms who currently work out but haven’t tried this method before, and moms who are experienced clients! Such a GREAT mix.  I am so excited for Sept 1st when we do the halfway point measure in! I know they are going to see results!

2. I am working with Hint Water to get samples for the studio in hopes of carrying it for purchase. If you have not tried Hint please do! We should have samples within a week for you lovely ladies!

3. I just heard from a virtual client today- she has lost 14.25 inches in ONE MONTH. Isn’t that AMAZING! She is doing virtual barre and cardio and she just measured today- 14.25 inches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so so so proud of her! If you haven’t tried virtual barre yet you totally should. I will admit I am NOT a morning person….and the first 3-5 minutes of class are tough but after that it is all totally worth it and I am wide awake!

4. Happy 1 Yr Anniversary to the fabulous Julianna Osburn! I am so lucky to have found Julianna to teach at barre n9ne®. If you haven’t tried one of her classes you definitely should soon!!!

Interestingly enough I sit here, brain going a mile a minute and I can’t think of all the other fabulous things I wanted to share with you. AHHH!

Let’s talk about something else exciting: barre n9ne® is officially registered! It took only a year to get to this point 😉 the process is so long! I have a million things in store such as a dvd launch. I have no idea how long this will take to accomplish but it has been a long term goal of mine. I have so many clients who travel for work and come to barre n9ne® when they are in town. They always say, ” Can you make me a dvd?” I would love to make a dvd, however being a perfectionist by nature I can’t bring myself to roll out a homemade dvd! I have thought about it but I just can’t do it! I need a professional looking one of course! I will keep you updated as this new project unfolds as I will be looking for dvd participants! 🙂

Moving on….sometimes don’t you feel super forgetful? I have been having a week like this…I have so much going and I try to juggle so many things that I end up forgetting silly little things. I realized last night that I actually can manage/juggle all these things but what is getting in the way of this is the fact that I am TIRED. Literally Just Plain Tired. I feel asleep at 9:59pm. Like OUT COLD FELL ASLEEP! Those of you that know me, know that I stay up until at least 11:30pm every night, no problem. It’s a good thing I did pass out. I needed my sleep. I have not been listening to my body and I have been in GO MODE.  Yesterday I taught my favorite class-Legs, and although I felt great after, I know I could have done better. It didn’t even hit me until this morning that I obviously need some rest! I am going to try to REST this weekend…I didn’t even know that word was in my vocabularly until now 😉

My point of bringing this up is so that you listen to your body too. There is nothing worse than feeling absentminded and tired. Like your brain is tired, not just your body! I appreciate that we all lead busy lives but even a power nap helps! Take time for YOU.

Have a great weekend everyone,




5 thoughts on “T.G.I.F

  1. Yay! Love the happy update-filled post! As for legs class, you did awesome, what on EARTH are you talking about? My legs were screaming on my run this morning – ahem – thankyouverymuch 😉 Have an awesome weekend! (love the DVD idea too!!)

  2. Love this post – so many awesome things happening at barre n9ne!! And can I puhleeze put myself at the TOP of the list for your barre n9ne DVD?? I would SO love to be in it! haha!! happy weekend my friend!! cheers tonight to barre n9ne finally being registered??

  3. Oh pish posh, legs was awesome last night!!

    And rest is SO key! I’m definitely one who likes to stay up late, and last Saturday I went to bed at 9:00. No, really. I felt so guilty about it, like I was missing out on all kinds of good stuff, but it just felt so good. Sunday was so productive (and fun!)

  4. Thanks for the shout-out!! Once I hit my next goal I want a shirt that says “Body by barre n9ne”! 🙂

    I loooooooove the idea of you making a DVD! I work in TV and I have a million ideas to share with you to make it happen!

  5. LOVE that t-shirt idea, Tanya – we MUST make these!!!

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