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long weekends….


…don’t you love ’em? I sure do! Good food, good times, warm weather, beaches, walks, sleeping in…the list goes on.  I’m going to recap my weekend and then I want you to do the same. I’m sure it will put a smile on your face 🙂

Friday: Impromptu day off, Devereux Beach with moms and babies (and one dad!) We thought it was going to be warm out and we would catch some rays while the babies hung out in their tent however it was cloudy and cold. This didn’t get us down though…we chatted, ate a grilled cheese & tomato sandwich and a raspberry lime rickey. Yum! The babies played and smiled!

Saturday: Personal training session at the studio then to M Street Beach in South Boston…aka South Beach (that’s what AJ and I call it!) Jalen loved his cabana (picture below!) mommy got a tan while daddy took Jalen for a walk then we headed to Emack & Bolios for my signature Espresso Oreo Soft Serve 🙂

Sunday: Totally busy day! First I took a 9:15am Core Fusion class @ Exhale Spa in Back Bay, then I rushed home to shower since we had two cookouts to attend!

The Cole’s Annual 3rd of July one was first on the list. Since I wasn’t prepared with Red, White and Blue attire for Jalen I put him in his new Yankees one piece outfit (AJ is a Yankees fan hence his son is definitely a Yankees fan…hey he’s from NY what do you expect!)

Jalen got to see his best friend Gavin (another little boy a month younger than him) who was wearing a Red Sox outfit. So cute, little rivals :-). We never did get a picture because the boys were both napping at different times! The food was delicious at this cookout, especially the homemade buffalo chicken dip!

The second was at my sister’s house. We didn’t eat much since we were so full from the first cookout but there was SO much food here and it all looked delicious!

Monday: Slept in-well 9:00am is considered sleeping in when you have a 5 month old :-). I made AJ breakfast in bed since he is usually the one cooking for me. He loved this.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL in the city. We headed to south beach again and met up with one of my friends from NEPC. Jalen loved his cabana again, and his walk with daddy. We ate slush to cool down and grabbed an ice coffee on the way out of southie.

After the beach, we went to J.Pace in Seaport to grab lunch. We hadn’t eaten since breakfast and it was already 3:00pm! We got our food to-go, ate at home, gave Jalen a bath & took showers. Our day was really just beginning….After that we took a walk down to the Esplanade to see what was going on. There were TONS of people already set up for the fireworks! Next we headed over to AJ’s friends house for another cookout! The friend who hosted is an amazing cook so you can imagine the array of food that was there. Since I ate such a late lunch I wasn’t really hungry so I just had a small mini burger and a half glass of wine. Jalen started having a meltdown around 8:45pm (can’t blame him!) so we packed up and headed home.

Most of you know I live right near the Museum of Science. Well on our way home we remembered that the fireworks were at 10:30pm. Jalen fell asleep on the ride home (and really can sleep through anything it seems!) so we parked at our complex and walked up Memorial Drive. We found a perfect spot to watch the fireworks from a distance. This was fun because I have never actually been in the city for the 4th of July. Even though we couldn’t hear the music the fireworks display was awesome, I highly recommend going next year!

Ahhh and that’s it! I think we deserve a long weekend once a month don’t you???

Recap your weekend for me… I’d love to hear it!

P.S. I’m putting together the next barre n9ne™ seminar so that I teach how to eat mini burgers, buffalo chicken dip, & espresso oreo ice cream not feel guilty about it! Stay Tuned!


5 thoughts on “long weekends….

  1. This was definitely the best long weekend ever (for so many people it seems!) I took Thurs (birthday) and Fri off, had Monday as a holiday. Went ziplining in Western MA on Friday with a bunch of friends…SO much fun!! Highly recommended. The people at Berkshire East Canopy tours are awesome. We made a bunch of stops on the way there and back because it was just so pretty and such a nice day. Saturday was errand day, bf and I went up to Gloucester and bought a bunch of records and had some people over that night for a record and guacamole party, beach Sunday (in the clouds), beach Monday and fireworks in Salem. So many more details I’m missing, but Tuesday came way too fast…

  2. I LOVE your weekend recap! Made me smile. Don’t you love weekends full of the beach, cookouts and relaxation? sounds like a great balance of everything and I would love to see the fireworks in the city sometime. I love your seminar idea too, cuz I want that ice cream 😉 my weekend was much the same. cookouts, two beach days and two cookouts! wheee!

  3. Sounds like such fun – I especially dig the fireworks part in the city. That’s something I’ve never done but think would be awesome to do sometime. Maybe I’ll plan for it next year. 🙂 My weekend was full of healthy fun eats (and wine!), some great workouts, and LOTS of cookouts with friends coupled with plenty of sun. A pretty perfect July 4th weekend if you ask me 🙂

  4. Shelby, I LOVE that you went ziplining. That is amazing! I want to hear more about it! I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday and long weekend. Thanks for sharing!

    Jess and Jo: you should definitely try the 4th in Boston next year, and I can’t wait for you to try this amazing ice cream!

  5. Jalen is soooo cute that I can’t even hold the Yankees thing against you guys! 😉


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