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Virtual-ly the best idea yet!…or is it?


I have been struggling with the fact that I want to teach more classes but seeing as I have a full time job in addition to barre n9ne™ and a new baby I don’t know WHEN I can find time to fit this in…. This leads me to my newest offering at barre n9ne™ = VIRTUAL CLASSES! Now I may be behind the times since I know other people are doing this already but I feel this is the answer to a lot of problems!

1. Clients tell me they want morning classes….but when we schedule them, unfortunately it is more difficult than we think to get out of bed in the morning 🙂 Problem solved!

2. People have kids to get ready for school, lunches to make, showers to take and actually drive to where they need to go aka sit in traffic…the list is endless…how can you add ANOTHER thing into your morning routine that involves waking up even earlier, driving to a gym or fitness studio, taking a class, driving home….etc. I can relate. Problem solved!

3. Others are the traveling type: they travel for work or they are retired and travel for fun! This takes them away from their favorite barre n9ne™ class. Problem solved!

4. Some individuals want a bootcamp class in the am to wake them up, others want power yoga, some want barre, some want a non-barre class….there are so many options, how do I accommodate everyone? Problem solved!

5. You have friends that want to try barre n9ne™ but they are out of state. Problem solved!

Mostly everyone has a computer at this stage. Everyone can download Skype for free. This leads me to think that virtual classes will be a hit! Or will they? I have been wrong before so please let me know your thoughts!

I am interested in giving it a try and as a kick off I am offering a 615AM class on Wednesday June 15th for ONLY $9!  Hey, you won’t know if something works or not if you don’t give it a try right?

I invite you to download Skype  (if you don’t already have it, (I didn’t until last night oops!) and test it out so you know how it works. Then sign up for our first ever barre n9ne™ VIRTUAL barre class Wed morning.  I can’t promise you there will not be hiccups as I am not the tech guru I tell myself I am however I will give you a kick $%# work out 🙂 Deal?

What do you need?

1.Skype 5.0 or higher

2. A webcam (the ones built into your laptop etc are suffice)

3. Space to lay down a mat or a towel.

4. Anything to hold onto for balance i.e a chair, the side of the couch, a counter top….literally anything. It is just for balance.

So push aside your coffee table and get an awesome workout with me on Wednesday morning….oh and btw please disregard all the baby toys you may see in the background at my apt 😉

See you on the web!


2 thoughts on “Virtual-ly the best idea yet!…or is it?

  1. I LOVE this idea and cannot wait to try it out when I am away next week!!! I may cave and sign up on Wednesday too, this week, if the weather doesn’t improve for a run 😉 I think this will be awesome for you!! AND for us 🙂

  2. I am all over this too, duh. If I didn’t have a job to get to, I’d take every single class on the schedule. No lie. 😉

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